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Document Your SQL Server & Oracle Databases With SchemaToDoc

SchemaToDoc is a database documenter that exports data dictionary metadata to an easy-to-read Word document or to a set of linked HTML files that are suitable for posting on a web site (intranet or internet). The program documents:
bulletFields (type, size, defaults, nullable)
bulletPrimary keys
bulletCheck constraints
bulletForeign key constraints
bulletStored procedures
bulletExtended properties

The program also lets you annotate your database tables, fields, and views, and include those annotations in your output files.

Sample Database Document

Sample Database Website

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Works with SQL Server and Oracle Databases

You can use SchemaToDoc to document SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Save Time, Save Money

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

"The application works as expected. Great job! The 103-page document for
206 tables was generated without any problem."
Lusine Boyajyan, Synergy
International Systems

"I think the most compelling feature of your product is that it automates what
used to be done manually and saves people a lot of time. It documented all
648 of our database tables after only two minutes of setup time, saving me
from hours of tedious work."
Marie Owens, zenmay compute

"SchemaToDoc works just as advertised. You definitely demonstrated great
customer service and that goes a long way! Thanks again!"
Kevin Nishijima,
Strategix Performance


Other Great Database Utilities

Use QueryToDoc to export SQL Server and Oracle query results to Word, Excel, and HTML. Use the command line version to run your queries on a schedule and have the presentation document (Word, Excel, or HTML) automatically mailed to the email recipients of your choice.                 



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